Saturday, August 9, 2008

A bit of experimentation..

So I've had about a week of me using different products from the norm and I'm liking some of the results. I'll try and post as much as I can remember.

I have recently discovered Tigi Bedhead Superstar Sulfate Free shampoo. And so far I really like it. I haven't really noticed a difference in the volume of my hair with it, probably because my hair is pretty voluminous anyway so a slight bit more is not going to make much of a difference to me. Anyway, the smell is a bit like strawberries and bubble gum. Thankfully it does not linger.

I wrote off Re:Coil a while back, before my haircut. It weighed down my hair immensely and just did not work at all. I've been giving it more of a chance lately, and it has been my go-to styler for a few days now. I get wonderful shrink and well defined curls. I have a newfound love for this stuff. So, don't write something off immediately. You have to work with it a bit before you figure it out.

Aloe gel. I've been putting about a quarter sized glob in everytime I do my hair and my hair has just looked so nice. I'm liking this.

I also wrote off Labella Lots of Curls gel a while back. Sure, it is not the best gel in the world, but if you want something cheap and in bulk, this is quite nice. The smell is rather odd, but doesn't linger, I had nicely formed curls [until I scrunched out the crunch too early that is. >=/ ], and it has a much faster drying time than say, the HE gels. Those however, are still my favorites.

It seems as though I am having a wonderful hair day right now [*knock wood* I haven't scrunched out the crunch as of yet]. I washed with Tigi Bedhead Sulfate Free Shampoo, conditioned with Suave Coconut [I still can't get over the smell. I adore it.], left a little in for a leave in. I added about a nickel sized glob of Re:Coil, a quarter sized glob of Aloe gel, and then brushed [yes, I did say brush. No not denman, a cheap old conair akin to this one: Am I going to be smited now? And I'm not recommending this, I have practically tangle free hair now that I'm CG, so there isn't any breakage. And it helps clump.] I added three quarter sized globs of HEBE gel and scrunched the mess out of it. Scrunched with an old t-shirt and diffused for about 30 minutes and I'm in the process of waiting for it to dry. =D

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